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Why Could Advantages of Black Steel Pipe Make It Popular?

Le 3 January 2014, 04:14 dans Humeurs 0

ERW Steel Pipe

  Black steel pipe is widely used; plastic pipe is gradually replaced by it. But what makes it so popular and what are the advantages of black steel pipe over plastic pipe? The primary purpose of black steel pipe is to carry propane or natural gas to residents. They are manufactured without a seam, making it better to carry gas. They are also used for fire sprinkler systems because it is more fire-resistant than plastic pipes. Usually, steel pipe is installed for arduous industrial purposes therefore its quality must meet the working standard. They are made to resist high pressure from internal and external. In order to achieve such purpose, they are made from high quality steel and assemble with great care.

Black steel pipes are popular because its advantages. The high tensile strength of steel and its flexibility, ductility and freedom from fragility enable steel pipes to be used for the highest pressures and under many heavy tasks. Black steel pipes are particularly able to accommodate stresses, misalignment and temperature variation. Their inherent reserves of strength can withstand stresses from severe bending, while pipes of other materials like plastic cannot resist and often break and fall. They also have high resistance to shock or vibration. Wherever fluctuating pressures, or shock pressures arise, the high strength and absence of fragility in steel pipes offer obvious advantages. Modern traffic conditions impose ever-increasing stresses on roadway foundations. For example, for pipes that buries under railway, they must need to resist high pressure from rail above and avoid burst. Black steel pipes have significant advantage over those made of plastic. They are unbreakable in transport and in service. Under a certain pressure, steel pipes can be made much thinner than plastic pipes. Consequently they have a greater carrying capacity than with the same outside diameter.

Despite the many benefits of PVC pipes, this type of piping is giving away to steel pipe because the disadvantages associated with it. First, PVC pipes are not very fire resistant; they are apt to melt at only about one hundred degree. Second is their size. They are only available in small sizes and the joints are very bulky which make it restrict to certain situation. One of the most notable reasons that PVC pipes are no longer popular is that they are more subject to cracking. Compared with steel pipes, their strength is much lower. The gradual replacement of PVC pipes is also because environmental factor. They contain compounds that are harmful to the environment so many companies do not choose to use PVC pipes.

There are the conceivable advantages of black steel pipe that make it popular. With the development of manufacturing technique and new requirement keep changing, the quality of the black steel pipe can be different and improved. There are now many customized steel pipes to meet different standard and satisfy unique demand. With all these advantages that over other pipes of material, black steel pipe will keep widely used. The welded steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available. 

Do You Know the Features of Black Steel Pipe?

Le 2 January 2014, 02:22 dans Humeurs 0

Stainless Steel Pipe

  Black steel pipe is used in need not tube zinc application. Black steel pipe generally have these types, including circular, rectangular, square, oval and other special section type. But this non galvanized steel surface black iron oxide coating is due to its dark name. Because of the black strength of steel is used for conveying gas and water in rural area and pipeline protection wire and provide high pressure steam and air. At present, the black steel pipe. is mainly used in many fields, including structure, low medium and high pressure liquid pipe and gas, oil and other petroleum industry pipe pipeline black a lot of oil through the remote area.

Black steel pipe is not galvanised and is called black at the result of the dark coloured iron-oxide scale formed on its surface. And it is widely used in the oil and petroleum industries so like in order to transport a sum of quantities of oil and for the distribution of gas into homes.

Surface without any treatment ordinary steel pipe, cast iron pipe, called black steel pipe. Galvanized pipe or surface anti-corrosion treated iron pipe, black iron pipe can not be called up. Black steel pipe for general use is a cast iron pipe for water supply, drainage and gas pipelines.

Nanopipes Steel pipe can be welded version in any seamless or. The puncture rod, it gives a smooth, uniform, seamless tube made of non joint material. This product is two more expensive, but it is believed to be more reliable, especially at high pressure. Rolling of steel plate, and then welded along a form around the joint, is made of welded pipe. Although the welded steel pipe is relatively cheap, but also more prone to failure, are generally not good, in the high voltage application.

The welded steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available.  

How to Manufacture Stainless Steel Pipe?

Le 1 January 2014, 03:07 dans Humeurs 0

Stainless Steel Pipe

  There are differences between the seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. Actually they are manufactured in two different methods. Stainless steel pipe and tube can be made in smaller batches by using several additional processes including bar trepanning and centrifugal actually. The stainless steel pipe also can be made into different sizes and diameters to cater to different requirements of consumers.

In general, you can use the stainless steel pipe, tube, round bar for many mechanical uses and pressure actually. There are also much selections of structural pipe, like used pipe, and surplus pipe which are different greatly in sizes, styles, diameters and lengths. Seamless stainless steel pipe and stainless welded steel pipe are different.

For example, seamless stainless steel pipe is formed by drawing a heated solid billet or cylindrical bar of steel, over a piercing rod to create a hollow shell. You can use rollers to make the expected diameter and wall thickness to cater to your different requirements. In comparison with welded pipe, this kind of stainless steel pipe can bear higher pressure since there have no seams to create weak spots. This kind of seamless stainless steel pipe can be widely used in chemcial and petroleum industries.

On the contrary, we roll a flat sheet plate to make the welded stainless steel pipe. After rolling, we need to weld the seam actually. Use a scarf blade to remove the pipe from the outside or inside surface of the pipe after you welding the seam. In order to make the seam less visible, you can heat treat the weld seam. In comparison with seamless pipe, the welded steel pipe is much cheaper to make. You can use such kind of welded steel pipe in places where require corrosion resistance. Frankly, Shanghai Xin Lin is one of the well-known exporters of welded steel pipe and we have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price. The welded steel pipe and black steel pipe are also available. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website:

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